“Communication Is Funny That Way!”

Mistakes and Assumptions We Make When Communicating, and How to Avoid Them

Ideal for: Sales groups, Leadership conferences, HR Professionals, Managers, and anyone having anything to do with interacting with other human beings on a daily basis (whether you want to or not).

Which person would you most likely want to work with: a guy with a shaved head dressed in jeans and a T-shirt with so many tattoos the ink has probably gotten into his bloodstream? Or a well-groomed, suit-wearing professional gentleman who obviously knows how to present himself well to others? This, and many other questions, are answered in this entertaining keynote about how to eliminate our assumptions and biases when interacting with other people. Whether you are hiring new employees, building relationships, or selling to prospects, this program will get you to reframe your perspective so you can think smarter, communicate better, and have more successful outcomes for your bottom line.