“We Think Funny That Way!”

Humorous Insights Into the Way People Think…from a former HR Professional.

Ideal for: Opening conference keynote, a mid-day after-lunch booster, or closing program at end of day.

Tim’s core keynote program! For corporate and association audiences of all types, this keynote provides a lighthearted look at common (and often hilarious) assumptions we make, and how that can sometimes lead us into making not-so-smart decisions. It’s this kind of “rush to judgment” mindset that makes you fall for for those late-night infomercials that get you to buy a blanket with sleeves, a beer mug you wear on your head, or exercise devices that don’t require doing any exercise. With an entertaining style and good-natured humor, Tim provides humorous insights into the way we think, and how to restructure your thinking to make smarter and better decisions.

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